New Report Suggest Kanye West Was A Republican Plant in the 2020 Election

By Kiani Shabazz

New documents show that Kanye West’s presidential campaign may have been secretly run by GOP elites. The campaign, styled as an “independent” third-party effort, appears to have disguised millions of dollars in services received from a secretive network of Republican operatives, including advisors to the GOP elite and managing partner at one of the top conservative political firms in the country. 

It was reported that the Kanye 2020 campaign did not report paying some of the advisors, and used an odd abbreviation for another, campaign finance experts say it appears that Kanye’s campaign was designed to mask association with GOP operatives and could constitute a violation of federal laws. 

The law firm powerhouse, Holtzman Vogel, was at the heart of Kanye’s political operation. Holzman Vogel has served major Republican political and non-profit organizations. Whether Kanye knew it or not, his campaign was being used by the Republican party to get a better chance of re-electing Donald Trump. 

Paul S. Ryan, vice president of government watchdog Common Cause, called the revelations “a big deal.”

“The importance of disclosure in this matter can’t be overstated,” Ryan told The Daily Beast. “It’s no secret that Kanye West’s candidacy would have a spoiler effect, siphoning votes from Democrat Joe Biden. Voters had a right to know that a high-powered Republican lawyer was providing legal services to Kanye—and federal law requires disclosure of such legal work.”

Colorado-based attorney Mario Nicolais, who scrutinized West’s campaign in the past, suggests that this is an issue that needs to be investigated on a bigger scale. 

Nicolais added that it was “important to follow up on these stories,” even a year later, because they could “invite bigger problems in the future, similar tactics only on a larger scale.”

“It turns out that this was not even a conspiracy theory,” he said. “It was literally documented.”

What do you think about Kanye being used as a pawn for GOP elites? Do you think he was aware of the corruption? Stay tuned for more on this and other hip-hop news.