Kanye Defends Dave Chappelle on Drink Champs Interview

By Kiani Belgrave

Kanye West recently paid a visit to N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on their hit podcast interview series Drink Champs. In part two of the controversial interview, Ye was joined by Larry Hoover Jr. as they continue their campaign to free his incarcerated father for his involvement with the Chicago Gangster Disciples. 

The second part of the Ye interview aired on Thursday night (November 11). Ye added to the lengthy list of name drops as A$AP Rocky, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, and Dave Chapelle were all brought up in conversation. 

On the subject of Dave Chappelle, Ye maintained his stance on defending those who have been deemed “canceled” by the media and fans. Chappelle got into some hot water last month with his stand-up special, The Closer, for his comments directed to the LGBTQ+ and trans community. 

“Man, if they don’t get the fuck up outta here, bro. Cancel what? What we cancelin’ out here? Man, enough of this shit already, boy,” expressed Ye. “ Y’all just wait until someone ain’t affecting the stock and you just take them out one by one to impose fear on anybody with freedom of thought. I smack the shit out you when I see—don’t tell me what the fuck to do ever in your life, boy. This our culture now. It’s up. You can’t cancel none of us.”

Kanye West has been busy in his mission to help get Larry Hoover out of prison. In the second part of his Drink Champs episode, Ye mentions squashing his beef with Drake to put on a joint concert in benefit of Larry Hoover’s case. 

Watch the remainder of Ye’s Drink Champs episode below and stay tuned for more hip-hop news.