Will J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar Ever Drop Their Joint Project?


Kendrick Lamar is gearing up to drop his first studio album in almost 5 years. However, it looks like fans are still waiting on a particular collaboration with one of his contemporaries and long-time friend, J. Cole. The two have been expected to drop a collaboration album since 2010, and fans are still wondering where it’s at. 

“JUST GOT OFF THE LINE WITH MY NIGGA @JColeNC…WE GOT SOMETHING CRAZY COMING,” Lamar exclaimed to his Instagram followers on December 5, 2010. 

When we shared the post to our Instagram account, fans voiced their frustrations with Kanye West and J. Cole for not dropping their record together after almost twelve years ago. 

“I’ll believe it when it drops,” one fan wrote. Many fans have already given up on the idea that the project is ever coming out, taking to the comments to share their grievances. “Still waiting… They must’ve saved the files using America online dial-up speed,” one fan wrote. “ I don’t believe it we still waiting on that solo Kendrick album,” another fan wrote. 

Do you think that we will ever get a Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole project?