Issa Rae Slams the Music Industry: "It Needs To Start Over"

By Rock The Bells Staff

Issa Rae is celebrating the finale of her hit HBO series Insecure and the actress/producer talked about her upcoming Hip-Hop series in an interview with the LA Times. Rae was asked about the music industry and whether or not it was a "place where good ideas flourish”. “

Absolutely not,” she replied. “It’s probably the worst industry that I have ever come across. I thought Hollywood was crazy."

Rae went on to explain how much she's seen.

“The music industry, it needs to start over. Conflicts of interest abound. Archaic mentalities. Crooks and criminals! It’s an abusive industry, and I really feel for artists that have to come up in it.”

Rae revealed that seeing the music industry up close was “kind of shocking."

"I don’t want to get too specific, but even in crafting our own deals [for soundtracks] with labels or artists, it would be so convoluted,” she explained.

Rae has launched her own endeavor, Raedio, to help artists get their art to the public without exploitation.

“And finding out how artists were treated at other labels… Being a creator myself and knowing what I want in terms of a relationship with a production company or a producer, I’d like to think that [at Raedio] we’re more artist-friendly than a lot of other labels and companies out there. I want to revamp things.”