Irv Gotti Has Thoughts About Drake's New Album: "It's Not Hip-Hop"


It seems everybody has thoughts about Drake's latest album, Honestly, Nevermind, and Irv Gotti is among them. Although he insists that he loves Drake and is a fan, the producer and Murder Inc. co-founder says the new album makes him feel like he needs to find a new DMX, Ja Rule, or Jay-Z.

“Personally, I love Drake," Gotti says. "I think Drake is a great person, he’s a great human being. But I listened to his album – and Drake can do whatever he wants as an artist … Drake’s new album is not Hip Hop.”

Drake's seventh album, which is heavily dance-influenced, has been the source of chatter since its surprise drop on June 17, and Gotti says with the kind of influence the rapper has, it can potentially impact the sound of Hip-Hop.

"[Drake] is so strong and so powerful he can change the dynamics of shit," Gotti told TMZ. “He’s too powerful and too strong, and it made me feel like we need another nigga that’s as powerful and strong that’s gonna stay with this thing called Hip-Hop.”

Still, decades after the birth of the genre, Gotti rightfully isn't worried about it — despite Drake's genre-bending popularity. “As long as I’m alive there will never be the demise of Hip-Hop," Gotti boasts. "I gotta get back in the game ... That’s what [Honestly, Nevermind] made me feel like.”

Aside from offering his thoughts on Drake's latest effort, Gotti has been busy lending his contributions to another rap project, Nas' forthcoming three-part documentary, Supreme Team, which will air on Showtime on July 8. The documentary will tell the story of Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and his nephew Gerald “Prince” Miller, and will also feature contributions from LL Cool J, Ashanti, MSNBC host Joy Reid, and NYC Mayor Eric Adams.