Ice-T Shares His Pick For Greatest Hip-Hop Album Of All Time


Rap legend and actor Ice-T has been in the game for three decades strong, and he is most definitely a bicoastal student and teacher concerning all things rap. Ice was recently a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy asked what he thought was the greatest rap album of all time during the show's “Ice-T Settles It” segment. While Jimmy declared “that’s difficult,” Ice took virtually no time before responding.

Eric B & Rakim," Ice declared. "Paid In Full.

“That was the most influential album for me when I was making my album [1998’s Power]," Ice revealed. "Fear of A Black Planet by Public Enemy is a close second and then Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A. Each of those influenced me as an M.C., but when I heard Rakim, I’d never heard anybody rap like that, and that album had so many hits."

“Get Paid In Full," he said. "You’ll bang all the way to the house”

In the segment, Ice was also asked if he preferred Gucci or Chanel, blocking or muting on social media and which he disliked more; slow walkers or slow talkers. Check out the clip below.