Hit-Boy Says JAY-Z Wanted The 'Sicko Mode' Beat After He Played It For Travis Scott

By Kiani Shabazz

During a recent interview with DJ Akademiks on his Off The Record podcast, Hit-Boy stopped by to talk about his come-up, crafting his iconic sound, and the making of his most significant records, including “Sicko Mode,’ and “Niggas in Paris.” 

When speaking on Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,” the California producer said after he gave the beat to Travis Scott, he played the song for JAY-Z, who had his own vision for the track, but it was a little too late. Travis Scott already paid for the instrumental and crafted the smash hit featuring Drake we know and love today. When Akademiks asked if he ever has trouble choosing who gets a beat, Hit-Boy explains it’s all about who signs the check first. 

“I don’t really promise beats my n-gga, when I get paid that’s who got the beat,” Hit-Boy said. “You’re not going to Saks Fifth you’re not going to Nieman Marcus and being like ‘cool I’m about to get a few outfits I’m finna wear these shits out, Imma think about paying you later,’ like nah. You gotta pay for this shit and then it’s yours.”

Hit-Boy also said he made the legendary “N-ggas In Paris” beat in his mom’s house. "As far as ‘N-ggas In Paris’ that was me thuggin’ like at my mom’s crib just hungry, just on that shit,” the Grammy-award-winning producer said. “Honestly, I still got the same mentality.”

He added that the beat was originally from a beat pack he offered Kanye West. Ye barely made any changes to the beat and told Hit-Boy that the song is going to change his life. When the single finally dropped, Hit-Boy said he was immediately given a “crazy record deal” from Jimmy Iovine, who called him “the next Dr. Dre.” With the label money, he signed all his friends, bought a mansion, and built 5 studios inside.

“That shit was detrimental cause that’s just not how you do it, but I was 25 with millions of dollars fuckin just doing what I had to do. I felt compelled to help the people I told I was gonna help when I got on,” Hit-Boy said.

Listen to the full episode of DJ Akademik’s Off The Record podcast with Hit-Boy below.