Watch Gucci Mane Pay Homage to Whodini With "Fake Friends"

By Rock The Bells Staff

Gucci Mane has dropped a new song and video for his Whodini-referencing track "Fake Friends." Guwop shared a clip of the video, which also features his one-year-old son Ice Davis. The song prominently samples Whodini's classic "Friends."

Gucci opens the song with advice to his son: Blood is thicker than water. There is no friend indeed like a friend in me. But there’s one thing you gotta watch and that’s a friend in greed. Ice you’re one years old now, it’s time you learn more about your pops. I know you was born rich and are the baby CEO, but it’s a cruel world out there. And everybody’s not your friend, but your daddy always got your back.”

The lyric references shadiness in your circle as Gucci raps and the hook recaptures the original.

You can check out Gucci's latest video below: