Watch: Grandmaster Caz Interviews Harlem Legends DJ Red Alert, Silver Fox, and More

By Kiani Shabazz

Conceived at a Bronx house party at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in 1973, hip-hop culture is edging on its 50th anniversary. Earlier this year, November was officially named Hip-Hop History month, and Rock The Bells is celebrating its journey.

Rock The Bells Icon, Grandmaster Caz, sat down with some of hip-hop’s founding fathers in New York’s infamous Rucker Park in celebration of Hip-Hop History month to discuss their contributions to hip-hop culture, dropping countless gems about their legendary careers.  

When Grandmaster Caz and DJ Red Alert reminisced about battling crews in their early days before being signed as a recording artist, Caz compared hip-hop’s competitiveness to today’s Verzuz Battles.

“Just like the Verzuz, right now. These cats is going up against each other and then bow we taking it to the road. Whatever divisiveness you think us there, the bottom line, it's hip-hop.” Caz explained. 

Harlem legend, MC Silver Fox, also sat down with Caz at The Rucker. The emcee spoke about early days hanging out with a then 16-year old LL COOL J who was trying to get signed as a recording artist. 

“[LL COOL J] came down to [our label] and we battle right there in the record shop,” Silver Fox explained. “L came down like every day, we hung out the whole summer. I took him everywhere Everywhere I went, he was there.” 

Make sure to watch the entire interview with Grandmaster Caz and some of hip-hop’s founding fathers and stay tuned for other hip-hop news.