Freddie Gibbs Suggests There Should Be a G-League for Rappers

By Kiani Shabazz

Freddie Gibbs is preparing to release his upcoming album, SSS, and his fans are excited to hear what he’s calling the album of the year. 

Before Gibbs drops the album, he’s taking time to offer an idea for up-and-coming rappers looking to cement their space in the industry. Freddie Gibbs thinks the culture should take notes from the NBA and incorporate a rapping G-League. 

“Rap needs G league. Respectfully,” Gibbs wrote to his fans on Twitter. 

The G-League gives a chance to young basketball hopefuls to develop their skills before making it to the majors and playing with the big dogs in the NBA. Gibbs thinks it will be a good idea for rap game hopefuls to prove themselves in a hip-hop G-League before spitting with the greats. 

What do you think? Should emcees try their hand in a rap developmental league before landing in the rap game? Stay tuned for more hip-hop news.