Freddie Gibbs Shares 'SSS' Production Credits and Says He Has The 'Album of the Year'

By Kiani Belgrave

Gary, Indiana emcee, Freddie Gibbs, says his upcoming album, SSS, is on track to be the album of the year as he shares the lengthy list of legendary producers who contributed to the upcoming project. 

Gibbs took to his Twitter account on Wednesday (November 10), sharing the production credits of his upcoming fifth studio album. The Alfredo emcee recruits all-time great beatmakers, including Madlib, The Alchemist, Pharrell, Boi 1 Da, Jake One, Kaytranada, and more. 

“Madlib, Alchemist, Boi 1da, Pharrell, Jake One, DJ Paul, Justice League, Working On Dying, Seven Thomas, Tay Keith, Kaytranada, Bizness Boi,” wrote Gibbs. “I got the best album of the year. #SSS.” 

Freddie Gibbs shared early last month that SSS might be his final rap album, as he has plans to follow his dreams as an R&B artist. 

“This might be one of my last rap albums,” Gibbs told us during a Newport, Kentucky tour stop. “I ain’t gotta rap no more, man. After SSS, Ima show y’all... I’m ‘bout to bust out with an R&B album.”

“R&B is what I started out doing before all the rap shit,” he explained. “Now, all you ni**as just wanna make me rap all day, and I don’t wanna rap. I wanna go back to my roots. I tried to get signed as an R&B singer in 2004, but every label in the world denied me. So, I had to do rap to get in the door.”

Are you excited to hear Freddie Gibbs' upcoming album, SSS? Stay tuned for more on this and other hip-hop news.