This Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones Beef is Bad For Hip-Hop

By Kiani Shabazz

Freddie Gibb’s and Jim Jone’s crew allegedly got into a physical altercation in a South Florida restaurant on Miami’s Ocean Drive. 

According to a report from VladTV, on Tuesday night (Dec. 14), associates from both emcee’s crews, who have been beefing for some years now, came to blows at Prime 112 restaurant in Miami Beach. As the story is told, the crews crossed paths as Jim Jones and team were on their way out of the restaurant as Gibbs and team entered. 

At first, Jim approached the Gary, Indiana emcee, to confront him about some choice words he has said about him over the years. While the two rappers exchanged words, someone from Jones’ team punched Gibbs in the face when all hell broke loose, the Alfredo emcee’s security was hit to the ground and kicked in the face. 

A rep for Jim Jones did not confirm the incident but shared a statement, which said, "'We set the trends' is streaming over two million on both youtube and Spotify," referring to Jim's latest single featuring Migos.

While the incident was left unconfirmed by each crew, some eye-witnesses took to social media to give their side of the story. 

One person tweeted, "Just saw Jim Jones and his crew laying fools out in Miami on South Beach! It was Freddie Gibbs and his pose BTW... dudes got mad afterward because we were laughing at how homeboy's head repeatedly got slammed into the couch."

The beef allegedly dates back to 2013. That year, Gibbs dropped his album ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally), he rapped on the closing track, “Freddie Soprano,” “This V and this L that I throw up don’t stand for Vampire Life/So sorry Mr. Jones, twisting your fingers get you gone."

Around that time, Gibbs was the victim of a targeted shooting following a concert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Shortly after the shooting happened, Jim Jones posted a cryptic tweet, saying, "U gotta be careful in bk they give it up." The motive behind Gibbs' shooting remains unclear, and there is no confirmed connection to Jim's tweet.

Hopefully, the two emcees can settle their differences aside and find common ground. With the countless accounts of beefs turning into senseless violence in recent hip-hop history, it is unfortunate to see two talented emcees throwing shots and getting physical over rap beefs. 

Do you think this beef between Gibbs and Jim Jones will ever be settled? Stay tuned for more on this and other hip-hop news here on Rock the Bells.