Former Death Row Rapper CPO Boss Hogg Dead

By Rock The Bells Staff

Rapper CPO Boss Hogg, born Vince Edwards, died this week. CPO was a rapper on 90s West Coast powerhouse rap label Death Row Records. Edwards cause of death is not disclosed as of press time, but the rapper has battled health issues such as congestive heart failure in the past.

Originally a member of the Capital Punishment Organization, CPO Boss Hogg was MC Ren's protege and made some early appearances on N.W.A. records before landing at Death Row, appearing on hit projects like Above The Rim, Murder Was the Case, and 2Pac's All Eyez On Me.

“I was really depressed because I knew I was going to get laid off. I was sitting there thinking to myself, I’m signed to Death Row, the biggest record company out here and nothing is going on with me. I’m not doing videos,” he recalled to HipHopDX in 2013. “I just wanted to talk to somebody, anybody who is doing something, so I can feel like even if I’m not doing sh*t, I can talk to somebody who is. So I called the studio and [Death Row Records employee] Travis answered the phone and he said, ‘What’s up CPO?’ I said, ‘Who is in today?’ and he said. ”Pac,’ and I said ”Pac…Tupac?” CPO Boss Hogg would make a standout appearance on Pac's "Picture Me Rollin'."