Dr. Dre Poses For Selfie With Paul McCartney: "One of My Heroes"

By Rock The Bells Staff

Superproducer Dr. Dre always reminds us that he's a music fan first. The legendary hitmaker nabbed a selfie with former Beatle Paul McCartney and Dre posted the moment on his Instagram.

"Here with one of my heroes!!" Dre gushed. "Paul McCartney is cool AF!! I’m chillin with one of the fucking Beatles!!"

Recently, D.M.C. revealed to Rock The Bells that the only artist he believes Run-D.M.C. should battle in a possible VERZUZ is The Fab Four.

“The Beatles,” DMC answered without hesitation on who he wants to see in the Verzuz ring. “I put my flag on the planets that I conquered. So, if Run-DMC does a Verzuz it can’t happen, cuz we’re The Beatles of hip-hop, The Beatles are the Beatles of music. It would be The Beatles.”