Doja Cat Shouts Out 9th Wonder and Homeboy Sandman

By Kiani Shabazz

Doja Cat is a true hip-hop head. In a world where there seems to be a disconnect between classic hip-hop artists and the emcees of today, Doja Cat constantly shows love to her hip-hop predecessors on social media and her hilarious Instagram live sessions. 

Most recently, Doja Cat shouted out Queens underground hip-hop legend Homeboy Sandman during one of her Instagram lives, calling the emcee one of her “favorite rappers.” She played Sandman’s 2012 track, “Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby, Boo)” from his album First of a Living Breed, laughing at his cadence during the track’s outro. 

“So, Homeboy Sandman is a rapper, and he’s really fucking dope, he’s one of my favorite rappers,” she said. “But he does this thing. There’s a part at the end of the song where he’s just supposed to be talking, but when he talks, he still sounds like he’s rapping, and it’s kinda funny. I don’t know why that’s funny. It’s not that funny, but it’s kinda funny to me, I don’t know. Maybe just to me.” 

Homeboy Sandman isn’t the only rapper Doja Cat has given props to. Earlier this month, she played Little Brother’s “Whatever You Say” on Instagram Live and called Phonte a “fuckin’ legend” after praising his verse. She also claimed she would love to record an entire project with North Carolina producer, 9th Wonder, and up-and-coming beatmaker Jay Versace. 

“New project,” she said. “12 songs. All of them, every fuckin’ one, Jay Versace and 9th Wonder. A clip of the session was shared on Twitter on Christmas Eve (December 24).

Revisit Homeboy Sandman’s “Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby, Boo)” below.