DJ Premier Talks the Making of Das EFX's "Real Hip-Hop"


DJ Premier is back at it again with a new episode of his hit Youtube series “So Wassup?” where he breaks down the backstories to some of his greatest beats throughout his prolific career. This time, Preemo tells the story of the making of Das EFX’s 1995 single “Real Hip-Hop” from their third studio album Hold It Down

In this episode, Preemo breaks down how the duo were the pioneers of rap’s “Diggedy” style of rapping, popularized during the early days of hip-hop’s golden era. He explains that Das EFX got tired of emcees copying their flow, straying away from the style in their second album Straight Up Sewaside.

On “Real Hip-Hop,” Das EFX kicks off the track with the return of their “Diggity,” flow, to Preemo’s delight. 

“We went in there and I was just like, ‘Oh man, I hope they do it like they were doing it on their first album,” Preemo explained. “As soon as they went in and said, ‘To the hip-hip-hop it don’t stop, Das EFX with the real hip-hop. It was something about it, I knew they were getting ready to go.” 

“We was like, their back, they’re back!” Preemo explained. “Because we missed the Diggedy style. I don’t care if a thousand people did it, when they do it, it’s beyond official because they are the originators of that.” 

Make sure to watch the full episode of DJ Premier’s “So Wassup?” below.