DJ Premier: Raekwon and Ghostface Were Supposed to be on "Above the Clouds"


In the most recent episode of DJ Premier’s Youtube series “So Wassup?” the legendary DJ and producer gives the backstory of Gang Starr’s 1998 track “Above The Clouds,” featuring Wu-Tang veteran Inspectah Deck. The track comes from Guru and Preemo’s magnum opus album, Moment of Truth, featuring some of Premier’s most elaborate production, as Guru and Inspectah Deck spit verses discussing religion, prophecy, and spirituality in true Wu fashion.

DJ Premier explains that Guru wanted to recruit Raekwon, the Chef, and Ghostface Killah, for the track. Preemo told NYGz member, Panchi, about the song, and he suggested fellow Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck would have better chemistry with Guru on the track. 

“When we told him we wanted Rae and Ghost, he was like, ‘Yo, we all love Rae and Ghost because they hold it down for the streets, but for Guru and a collab with a Wu-Tang member, I think you should get Inspectah Deck,’” Preemo explained. 

Preemo reached out to RZA, who would connect Gang Starr with Inspectah Deck. Apparently, The chemistry was instant. When Inspectah Deck asked  what the song was about, Guru simply replied, “Your mental.” In which Deck replied, “Got it.” 

The trio cooked the song up in one studio session, as Preemo completed the instrumental and the two emcees wrote their verses, Premier explains that the two finished writing their verses at the same time. 

The song would be a standout track on the album, becoming a fan favorite for Preemo’s elite production and the emcee’s wordplay and storytelling. 

Do you think Raekwon and Ghost would have been a good addition to the track? Stay tuned for more on DJ Premier’s “So Wassup?”  and other hip-hop news.