DJ Premier Gives Backstory of "N 2 Gether Now" By Limp Bizkit

By Kiani Belgrave

On the 12th episode of DJ Premier's Youtube series, “So Wassup!?” Preemo gives fans the backstory of how one of his most unlikely collaborations came to be. The legendary producer gives us a behind the music look into the making of Limp Bizkit’s and Method Man’s “N 2 Gether Now.” 

Preemo admits he was a bit skeptical about working with the notorious nu-metal band due to “not feeling” the way frontman Fred Durst rocked the mic. “To me, Fred was dope for what they did but when it came to the emceeing aspect that I was used to, I was very, very hesitant to do it,” Preemo explained in the episode. 

Despite his hesitance, Preemo eventually signed on after figuring out Method Man was on the record, as well as Fred Durst personally asking the producer to take complete creative control of the song. “[Fred Durst] came and sat down with me and said, ‘look, man, if you want to re-record it with me, doing it the way you would coach it, I’m down. However, you want to do it so we can make it right.” 

Preem remixed the track, giving it his classic “Preem bounce,” making the song a smash single in 1999. What do you think about “N 2 Getter Now,” by Limp Bizkit? Stay tuned for more news on DJ Premier and “So Wassup!?”.