DJ Premier Says Guru Was Drunk While Recording Gang Starr's Single "ALONGWAYTOGO"

By Kiani Shabazz

On the latest episode of DJ Premiers Youtube series “So Wassup?” the Texas producer tells the backstory to Gang Starr’s 1994 single “ALONGWAYTOGO.” The track was initially recorded for the soundtrack of John Singleton’s Poetic Justice but would be rejected from the project by the late director. 

“We did the same, turned it in. John said ’I don’t like it, it doesn’t fit,” explained Preemo. “We had to respect the boss of the show. It’s his film. Guru was very very upset about it. The fact that it was called ‘Poetic Justice,’ Guru made sure he put it in the rhyme.” 

DJ Premier also recalls the night of recording, saying that Guru was extremely intoxicated while rapping his verse, recording it in just one take. 

“The day that we recorded it, Guru was very very very twisted on the good ol’ bubblies. I couldn’t get him to get up and get in the booth to do the song,” Preemo says. “If you listen to how he sounds on that record… he’s really delivering the rhyme in his drunkest state, but something about it made me go ‘I like it. Don’t change it.’” 

After being rejected from the Poetic Justice soundtrack, Gang Starr would put the track on their 1994 album Hard to Earn

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