Cordae Shares "Road to A Birds Eye View" Documentary Promoting New Album

By Kiani Shabazz

Maryland emcee, Cordae has shown promise as a young artist set to preserve hip-hop culture as an emerging rapper making his way through the ranks of the music industry. His debut album, The Lost Boy, received critical acclaim for boisterous energy and in-depth storytelling, earning him his first Grammy nomination at only 22 years old. 

Now, Cordae is rolling out his follow-up album, From a Birds Eye View, with a Youtube documentary series following the making of his sophomore album. On the first episode of “Road to A Birds Eye View,” Cordae takes a visit to Africa for some rest and relaxation, simultaneously seeking inspiration for his second album.

“I just went [to Africa] because that was just something I had to get off my spirit. And that was a bucket list thing for me too. It’s always been on my bucket list to go to Africa,” Cordae explained. 

It seems as if some new Cordae music is just around the corner. As Cordae shared the first episode of “Road to A Birds Eye View,” he took to his Twitter account to ask his fans if they want a new single from him this week. “New music this week?” he asked his fans.  

Be sure to check out the first episode of Cordae’s documentary series, “Road to A Birds Eye View,” and stay tuned for more hip-hop news.