Watch the Trailer for Johnny Depp's 2Pac/Biggie Film 'City Of Lies'

By Stereo Williams

The trailer is finally here for Johnny Depp's long-delayed film about the unsolved Biggie and 2Pac.
City Of Lies is a crime drama that stars Depp as detective Russell Poole, who attempted to solve the murders. the film has been siting tofr years, with a trailer debuting  back in 2018. Now a new trailer is herett, and the film will finally be arriving in theaters on March 18.

Poole returns to the Pac case afert a journalist (Forest Whitaker) seekts o revisit the subject for a story. He soon realizes there was more to this situation than he'd imagined back in the 1990s. 

The film completed shooting in 2017 but ran into problems with its original production company. This delayed the City of Lies planned theatrical release in 2018. And there are the well-documented problems for star Johnny Depp, who was sued after an alleged act of violence against a crewmember while making the project. 

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