Chuck D: "Rick Rubin Pioneered a Certain Energy for Hip-Hop to Be Daring"


Chuck D recently responded to Rick Rubin's recent 60 Minutes claim that he has no technical knowledge and knows nothing about music. "

I'll tell you this. Art is what you feel," Chuck tweeted. "No one should tell you what Art should come out of you. Rick gets that. Many artists want things in exchange for their art from love to money. Rick feels you out in a sea of others wanting the same thing."

On the 60 Minutes episode Chuck describes Rick as a "pillar stone of Hip Hop." "He didn't pioneer the production, he didn't pioneer the rap, but he pioneered a certain energy for it to be daring."

It was Rubin who heard a Chuck D promotional jingle from Adelphi University radio station WBAU via Run and D.M.C. and insisted on signing Chuck D to Def Jam.

"Rick didn't want Flavor Flav originally, and I told him that if he wanted to sign me we come as a package," Chuck told The Foundation. "One of the first things that Rick wanted to do was release It takes A Nation of Millions without [the previously released] "Rebel Without A Pause" and "Bring The Noise." We had to fight him on that. Rick left us alone because the Bomb Squad [Public Enemy's production team] was its own thing. He came in and did a studio mix on "She Watch Channel Zero" because we used Slayer, but he really didn't bother us."