Cardi B Defends Lil Kim: "I'm Tired Of It"

By Rock The Bells Staff

Cardi B has had it with the disrespect of a Hip-Hop legend.

Cardi RTed a tweet criticizing the online ridicule of rap icon Lil Kim. The Queen Bee has become the subject of memes and mockery over the years, and Cardi seems to have reached her fill of it.

“I’m tired of it and it’s heartbreaking,” she wrote in response to a tweet calling for an end to the Lil Kim slander. “She’s is so sweet, supportive and a REAL FUCKIN LEGEND ..I remember when I used to beef wit bitches and I used to put on my MySpace her song FUCK YOU! I think it gotta be these 2000’s born kids on this app that don’t know about shit!”