Bruno Falcon, the Legendary Pop N Taco, Has Reportedly Died at 58

By Rock The Bells Staff

Bruno Falcon, the famed dancer/choreographer known as Pop N Taco, has reportedly died. Details remain scant at press time, but according to, "the cause of death was unknown at the time of this writing. He was 58, passing after celebrating his birthday last month."

Falcon was born in East L.A. and was one of the first Mexican-American dancers to make a name for himself in popping. He would become one of the genre's most well-known, with high-profile appearances across television, film and music videos. Fans and peers reacted across social media.

"Rest In Peace My long time dear beautiful friend and collaborator over many years- the legendary groundbreaking brilliant dancer Pop-n-Taco Bruno Falcon," tweeted famed choreographer Toni Basil. "June 10, 1964-July 2, 2022."

He became a fixture in music videos, standing out as a highlight of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" and Chaka Khan's "Feel For You." He became even more widely known after he was showcased in the "Smooth Criminal" video segment of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Pop N Taco was also prominently featured in the classic film Breakin.' He talked to ROCK THE BELLS last year about the experience.

"Before Breakin’, I had danced in the movie DC Cab, dancing on a set of the White House with Irene Cara," he said. "I knew the other dancers in Breakin'—Popin’ Pete, they called him ‘Pistol Pete’, from Electric Boogaloos. He trained me when I was very young, at Polytechnic High School. He got the part as my sidekick. Then Ana 'Lollipop' Sánchez got the other part and we became Electro Rock—the rivals. I had never had lines in a production before, plus I was really bashful. They told me just play the opposite of my character, so I went in and did it: 'Hey punk! Are you back for more, fool?'”

Later in his career, he would appear in films like Thumbelina and work with Janet Jackson, as well as his ongoing work with Michael. He maintained his reputation as a famed dance instructor and choreographer in the Los Angeles area.