Big Daddy Kane Reveals What He Thinks about Mumble Rap and Gives Ari Melber His Rap Name

By Kiani Shabazz

Hip-hop legend and Rock The Bells Icon Big Daddy Kane recently sat down for an interview with hip-hop journalist veteran, Ari Melber,  to talk about classic hip-hop, Verzuz battles, and mumble rap. 

In honor of hip-hop history month, Big Daddy Kane and Ari Melber discuss everything from their early days contributing to the culture to the evolution of the genre and rap music’s current climate. When asked what it felt like to be an emcee in the ‘90s, BDK explained that he thought the era was when hip-hop grew the most. 

“The 90s was when hip-hop really had its legs strong. You had people that were doing hip-hop at park jams and things of that nature. But now, it’s entering into the music world where it’s actually becoming a genre, and I think by the mid-90s, it was figured out,” Kane said. “There was enough people working at record companies that understood hip-hop.” 

As a veteran in the game, Big Daddy Kane has witnessed the evolution of hip-hop music firsthand. When asked about his thoughts on hip-hop’s current state and “mumble rap,” BDK explained he respects the mind state of the younger generation but wishes it was a bit more lyrical. 

“As far as mumble rap goes, it’s not really something that I listen to, but I respect it because it’s the mindstate of this younger generation. I would love to see some of the younger cats, even if they wanna mumble, make it more lyrical, and reflect more positivity for the next generation of rappers that’s coming in,” Kane explained, “I don’t try to knock what someone else is doing, because I remember what it was like when I first started, and the older generation didn’t understand what I was doing with hip-hop, so I don’t try to knock anyone’s hustle.” 

Be sure to check out the full interview between Big Daddy Kane and Ari Melber below.