Big Boi Says He Has The 'Greatest' OutKast Documentary 'Locked in the Vault'

By Kiani Shabazz

OutKast fanatics are ecstatic after Big Boi announced a new documentary film about the duo’s prolific career is in the works. 

Big Boi and Sleepy Brown paid a visit to Zane Lowe and Apple Music for an interview promoting their latest collaborative album, The Big Sleepover, which arrived on Friday (December 10). Lowe asked the two artists if they ever get the “space to reflect” on their achievements over the years. 

“Oh absolutely, man,” Big Boi responded. “I just so happen to be in possession of the last OutKast tours from 1998 to 2000-whatever. Like, hours and hours and hours. We had to watch [and] digitize the footage for, like, a month and a half. We had to sit through there and watch it. I got the greatest OutKast documentary, never sold. Locked in the vault.”

There has been no official announcement on the production of the film yet, but it seems like this is a project Big Boi is set on. 

“I told [André 3000] I got it. … I just told him how dope it was and so we’re gonna hold it for a minute,” he explained. “But it’s outta here, man. It’s outta here.” According to the Phantogram collaborator, fans can expect a thorough presentation, including highlights like footage of the Atlanta duo freestyling in hotels (with 3 Stacks on the piano) while out on the road.

While there’s currently an edit of the footage, Big Boi suggested the best format for the documentary will be a multi-part docuseries. 

Are you gonna catch the upcoming OutKast docuseries? Stay tuned for more on this and other hip-hop news.