B-Real Praises Andre 3000: "On A Different Level"

By Rock The Bells Staff

Andre 3000 remains one of the most revered emcees to ever pick up a pen, but the ATLien was thrust into the center of a recent online debate. TDE rapper Reason made the claim that Fabolous is a greater emcee than the OutKast legend, to which many disagreed. One of 3000's peers, Cypress Hill's B-Real, offered his take.

“Nah.. they both dope af but 3000 is ona different level in IMO.”

As others chimed in with takes, B-Real counterargued against claims that Three Stacks was overrated.

"Nah son. He got bars. And although he maybe ain’t feelin it any more you can’t take away what he’s put down to this point. You take all the football gear and loud shit out of the scenario it’s bar work. And what does it matter if he got solo albums out? Zero .. that’s my dollar fifty.”

“They spit different type shit so the comparison is odd but it’s about preference. Depends what you like. I get down with both but to me Andre is slightly ahead.”

B Real had strong words when someone suggested "people like him" only rate 3000 so highly because they're stuck in the past.

“People like me?” B Real argued. “You trippin!! I still release to this day. Now that’s me. Whatever Dre does right now is his biz. He ain’t feelin this rap shit that’s on him. But the question was who do you think got the better bars not who is current. Fab is a monster no doubt but to say Dre isn’t because he hasn’t dropped in a while is ridiculous. They both are greats. It’s simply a matter of opinion.

“And if you got bars better than Andre I’d like to hear them. And I show love to the young generations in hip hop. Do ya homework before you make a comment like that instead generalizing that all of us from the GOLD school hate on young heads. Smfh.”