Big Boi On How a Robbery Forever Bonded Him and André 3000

By Rock The Bells Staff

Hip-Hop is full of a ton of "what if's." In a recent interview with The Ringer, Big Boi revealed an incident that occurred in high school that could have had a huge impact on both he and André 3000's life — potentially leading to a scenario where OutKast wouldn't even exist.

As the story goes, the duo identified as "preps" in high school who had a thing for wearing Polo and carrying tennis rackets. On one occasion, three of their close friends in their group decided to rob a liquor store, and were ultimately caught soon after.

"They got a lot of time for that shit, but we just wasn’t with them that day," Big Boi said. "And then there were two of us after that. Yeah, it was destiny. After that, it was just me and Dre all the time, and my little brother was with us. That was 11th grade, I think."

While it remains to be seen if we will ever get more OutKast music, we certainly need to be thankful that we got anything at all.

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