Aaliyah's Label Announces Posthumous Album To Release This Month

By Kiani Shabazz

Aaliyah’s iconic catalog made its return to streaming services in 2021 after her estate ended a years-long legal dispute with the songstress’s label Blackground Records. Now, with her entire catalog on DSPs and her music being introduced to a new generation of R&B fans, Background Records has announced plans to release a posthumous album with new never heard before tracks from the late R&B star. 

According to Aaliyah’s uncle and founder of Blackground Records, Barry Hankerson, the album named, Unstoppable is set to be released later this month. However, it does not seem like Aaliyah fans are excited about the release. 

Many fans are calling the posthumous release of Aaliyah’s songs on features or albums is “disrespectful,” one Reddit user saying, “Completely disrespectful. If Aaliyah actually wanted all of her music out, she definitely didn’t mean like this.” Another user voiced their opinion about the record saying, “Just really sad news imo. Barry is tarnishing a legacy with features that Aaliyah would have never done if she was alive.” 

What do you think about the rumored Aaliyah album? Are posthumous albums distasteful? Stay tuned for updates on this and other hip-hop news.