50 Cent Says Next Album May Be His Last, Claims He’s Top 10 Rapper ‘Dead or Alive’

By Kiani Shabazz

Earlier this year, 50 Cent had to respond to fans’ sentiment that he is not a top 10 NYC emcee. After six years since his last studio album, The Kanan Tape, 50 is set to prove that he is still one of hip-hop’s greatest artists of all time, dead or alive. 

50 took to Instagram to share an update on his next studio album, reminding critics that he has “terrorized hip-hop for 14 years.”

“The numbers will never lie but I’m nobody’s favorite,” he wrote, adding, “I’m Top 10 dead or alive and I’m not done.” As for his forthcoming album, the hip-hop mogul revealed the project “might be my last.”

During an interview with The Independent earlier this year, 50 revealed his plan on dropping new music in September. “I’m not gonna tell who’s on it because I’m the most exciting person [on the album],” he said, before confirming the project would not be his oft-delayed Street King Immortal album. “That original version is not [being released],” he said.

In place of the long-lost album, 50 has released three projects over the past seven years: 2014’s Animal Ambition, 2015’s The Kanan Tape, and his 2017 greatest hits album, Best Of